Bat house, London Wetlands

bat house

bat house competition

london uk




educational + animal sanctuary


polylogues studio (cph)

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The structure consists of two element: the ‘soul’ and the ‘body’ – representing the ephemeral, the bat, and the earthbound, man. The ‘soul’ defines the space for bats, roost 1 and 2, and the ‘body’ defines the public area and research station.

The bats’ main entry point is defined by an arm reaching out towards the lake creating an intense area of activity at dawn and dusk. From here, the bats have access to their two main roosts, the first un-heated and the second heated. This gives the possibility for the bats to nest where their specific specie’s demands dictate

A concrete structure defines the main segregation of the two roosts. The building both divides and joins and gives the opportunity for the public of observing both roosts at the same time. The division comes from the physical act of segregation, but the joining in the observational experience of the public; the joining of bat and man, of soul and body. The public cave is a space for learning, adoring, understanding, delving and sharing. The public gains access to the territory of the bats and their world for a brief moment.

Two exterior observation platforms define points of interest providing the best possible view of the roosts and the spectacular sight of bats rushing out in to the night, or returning chaotically organized to their roosts.

The entire structure is both a singular unit and a part of a whole – a part of the wetlands, a part of nature.